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99 Beach Cleanup



99’s Surfrider Beach Cleanup

The 99 High Tide Collective, organizes their 9th and final volunteer coastal cleanup of 2017 on December 1st, 2017. This event was inspired by the collective’s motivation to protect the ocean and pay respect to the beauty of its hometown, Malibu California. Bringing the community together, the collective’s staff will make a big dent in removing trash and debris from the local beaches and in particular the Malibu State Park Lagoon which inhabits a diverse group of native fish, wildlife and plants in its wetlands. On top of creating a cleaner environment, the event encourages the community to raise awareness about eco-choices in consumerism. As a conscious business, 99 High Tide Collective aims to provide eco-solutions to packaging in the cannabis industry by providing glass jars for all of their medicine and partnering with companies to have eco-initiatives and mindfulness around avoiding the creation of excessive trash in their business choices. The 99 High Tide staff are lovingly called the Malibu Mermaids as they have successfully become protectors of the ocean in their hometown Malibu.

Join in on the next 99 High Tide Coastal Cleanup on Surfrider Beach from 12-3pm Friday December 1st.